The Stress-free guide to studying in the States – A step by step plan for international students

Author: Toni Summers Hargis

Language: English

Summary: In today’s global world, many students attend universities outside the country, culture and education system in which they were born or grew up. For an increasing number, the USA will be their aim, but few will have an understanding of the US education system, the best universities for their field of study, or the application requirements for international students. Where do you start? With this book. For the first time crucial information is in one place, answering all your questions on US universities – applications, academics, visa requirements, arrival on campus and beyond.

This book is an essential first resource for any student, or parent of a student, looking for a comprehensive, easily accessible, stress-free guide to studying in the States. “Definitely a must-read for parents and students unfamiliar with the application process in the US.” Amanda Eckler, Yale University — Source:


Link: find it on Amazon

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