The emotional challenges of immigration, strategies and stories of those who stayed

Author: Ellie Baker

Language: English

Summary: This book is a collection of the experiences of twenty-five migrant women. Some have only been in their adopted country two years, some more than twenty. The chapters such as Support network, A heart in two homes, Visiting home – an emotional roller coaster, and Marriage illustrate some of the challenges migrants face and give strategies for overcoming those challenges. This will help you become more settled in the place you are living.
“Having moved countries several times I hadn’t realised how much I’d had to learn slowly and through experience – this book will help you take the shortcut!” Kim Chamberlain, Author of over 10 books in personal development, Speaker ATM APS.


  • Available as an eBook
  • From the author: “This is the book I wanted at my bedside when I had been away from my homeland for long enough to go through death of a brother, grandparents and dying father. I had missed weddings and family celebrations and although I was making my own family there was always a missing. I wanted to know that my feelings of disconnection were normal and I was happy to find out that others away from their homeland were facing similar emotional challenges as me, but they were ways to overcome those challenges. This book is easy to read in one go or to pick up as you need.”
  • Author’s website:

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