Author: Elvira Baryakina

Language: English

Summary: Some call the city the ‘Splendor of the East’; others the ‘Whore of Asia’. A melting pot of different nations, fused by war and commerce, this is the Shanghai of the 1920s. The Great Powers are greedily exploiting China for its cheap labor and reaping the cruel rewards of the booming opium trade. When a flotilla of ships carries the remnants of the defeated White Army on entry to Shanghai, the fragile balance of this international marketplace comes under threat. Among the refugees is Klim Rogov, an émigré journalist whose life and marriage have been claimed by the Russian Revolution. All he has left are his quick wits and keen worldliness that come in quite handy in navigating the lawless jungle of Shanghai. He finds work as a reporter at a British-run newspaper, rubbing shoulders with international gangsters while defying webbed intrigues of sinister communist agents. Amidst the survival frenzy all that keeps him going is the hope that someday he’ll be reunited with his beloved wife Nina. Source:


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