Author: Olivier Bosman

Language: English

Summary: The first thing Hans and Annie are told to do when they arrive in Colombia is to get themselves a maid. Annie is reluctant to do so. She doesn’t want another woman in the house, but Hans is determined. A live-in maid equals status and all the other ex-pats have one, so they must have one too! And so they employ Berta – a solemn, sour-faced girl with a mysterious mile long stare. What is that look in her eyes? Boredom? Indifference? Resentment? Annie must learn to live with this oppressive and enigmatic maid, but can she ever learn to trust her?

Hans and Annie go through a succession of domestic servants in the course of five years. Through a series of poignant and bittersweet observations we witness the slow deterioration of their relationship; their struggle to settle into life among a snobbish and claustrophobic group of ex-pats; and their never ending quest to find themselves a good and reliable maid.

This is a humorous depiction of expat life in Colombia in the 1970’s. Source:

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