Understanding American schools: the answers to newcomers’ most frequently asked questions

Author: Anne P. Copeland with Georgia Bennett

Language: English

Summary: A guide for newcomers from around the world to help you navigate the challenges of understanding the US school system, from pre-school through high school. Written by two internationally-known experts in international relocation and education, this thorough but user-friendly guide is packed with information not found in any other single source. Full of up-to-date websites and national and international statistics, including the latest average teacher salaries, SAT scores, high school graduation rates, and private school tuition fees. Plus international comparisons that highlight the ways that American school personnel have expectations and practices that you will have to master. You will learn (a) why teachers in the US do what they do, (b) how to evaluate schools so your children will get the best education possible, (c) practical information about school lunch, dress codes, graduation requirements, expectations for parents, and more, (d) the broader context of education in the US, including the latest efforts by the federal government to improve schools and outcomes, the role of standardized testing, and how teachers’ values affect how they teach, and (e) vocabulary for understanding the school experience. Source: Amazon.com

Link: Find it on Amazon



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