Author: Guy Delisle

Language: English

Summary: After developing his acclaimed style of firsthand reporting with his bestselling graphic novels “Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea” and “Shenzen: A Travelogue from China”, Guy Delisle is back with “Burma Chronicles”. In this country notorious for its use of concealment and isolation as social control – where scissors-wielding censors monitor the papers, the de facto leader of the opposition has been under decade-long house arrest, insurgent-controlled regions are effectively cut off from the world, and rumour is the most reliable source of current information – he turns his gaze to the everyday for a sense of the bigger picture. Delisle’s deft and recognisable renderings take note of almsgiving rituals, daylong power-cuts and rampant heroin use in outlying regions, in this place where catastrophic mismanagement and ironhanded rule come up against profound resilience of spirit, expatriate life ambles along, and non-governmental organisations struggle with the risk of co-option by the military junta. “Burma Chronicles” is drawn with a minimal line, and interspersed with wordless vignettes and moments of Delisle’s distinctive slapstick humour. – Source:


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