The Expert Expat

Author: Bryan Westra

Language: English

Summary: “Read about this gripping account of how I ripped away from an old life, and lived out a completely different existence altogether. I left the United States of America, bought an airplane ticket to India, and lived there successfully. It wasn’t always easy, fun, or games, but what I learned will greatly benefit anyone wanting to do the same. The country doesn’t matter, as this advice will help you master living anywhere in the world you want successfully. You have to read this book.

This book teaches you how to manage as an expatriate or what some refer to as an expat. You will learn how to disappear, plan, and successfully execute a new life for yourself. You’ll also learn some valuable advice tips from someone who’s actually done it successfully for years.

If you don’t want to get found. If you want to live a completely different existence. If you want to live in a particular country. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to become an expatriate I show you how to be an expat, or how to be an expatriate successfully. ” Source:

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