Leaving to teach English in Japan: a brief look at experiences and humor found in moving to a very different culture

Author: William Jermyn

Language: English

Summary: From the author: “I am a former teacher and salesman. I taught in the public schools in Tulsa, OK and Hernando County FL. I specialized in grades 6-8. I took a 3 year break from teaching in the US and went to Japan to teach English. While there my students ranged in age from 3 to 83. It was quite an experience, and one that has helped shape my life.

I have left teaching an am now working in Real Estate while trying to move into my truer love, writing.
My first book was a description of my preparation for and trip to Japan. I made mistakes that are funny now looking back. Let me tell you that you do NOT want to arrive at Narita Airport in Tokyo with 2 duffel bags (each about 80#) and a carry on. They think something is unusual, and that can lead to consequences.

I try to write every day. Some days are better than others, but writing is always worthwhile.
Take a bit and read. We will know each other better.

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