Author: Suchi Rudra

Language: English

Summary: Based on the insights and resources Suchi Rudra has collected from roaming the world as a digital nomad since 2011, this book teaches you how to streamline your life, find online work that best suits your skills and talents, promote your online business and connect and network with potential clients as well as other digital nomads. You’ll also discover insider strategies to help you save money on rent and travel costs for any destination–including work exchange programs and house sitting–and learn how to cope with the intricate realities of the digital nomad lifestyle.


  • From the author: “After 7 years on the Road as a nomadic freelance writer, working whenever I choose and traveling anywhere I choose, I have accumulated quite a treasure trove of practical tips and strategies for anyone who wants to create their own flexible lifestyle as an online entrepreneur. For those who want to try working for themselves from home or from the Road, this book will help you build a solid foundation.”
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