Relocating to Ecuador – Eyes Wide OPEN

Author: Terry Dean Roberts

Language: English

Summary: “This is a full-color book that includes 35 color photographs that capture the beauty, colorfulness and spirit of Ecuador. The book is written in bulleted style, with keywords in bold type, which was done so you can scan the information quickly, as needed, when needed, to find answers. You can learn more about the book and the author at:

For several years now, Ecuador has been a hot destination for gringo relocation. There have been plenty of online resources spreading information and disinformation about Ecuador as a retirement or part-time living destination.

I’ve lived in Cuenca, Ecuador, since December 2013 after moving here sight unseen. My intention going in, and to this day, is to live here the remainder of my days.

Having settled-in here, I now have a terrific cadre of both gringo and Ecuadorian friends in Cuenca who continually share experiences with one another about theirs and other gringos’ relocations to Ecuador.

Much of the important stuff to think about regarding moving to Ecuador is out there—but it’s scattered all over creation. And the little gold nuggets of knowledge that you really need to guide you get lost in the mayhem.

I focus largely on clarifying topics I’ve found to be confusing, elusive, under-appreciated, and/or misunderstood. (This update adds my odyssey of getting a driver’s license.) I’ve drawn insights and recommendations from my own experience, those of other expats who I’ve gotten to know, and from facilitators who specialize in helping expats here navigate through the maze of getting settled and daily living. While some of the information is specific to Cuenca, the vast majority is true of all of Ecuador.

Many expats who relocate overseas need to supplement their incomes in some manner—if only by several hundred dollars a month. One thing about this book that truly sets it apart is the seven-page section on doing business online from wherever you live, especially the many, many advantages of selling information online (commonly called infopreneuring). Such businesses can completely avoid the challenges of navigating the maze of legally starting and running a business in a foreign country and dealing with the language barrier.

Like most anywhere, Ecuador has pleasant attributes—in Ecuador’s case, many of them—and a few potentially off-putting attributes. It is what it is. This book illustrates why your mindset – more than Ecuador itself – will largely determine how well you adapt and your ultimate sense of contentment and well-being.

Several appendices in the back of the book provide many more sources of useful information.

I hope to meet you at a delightful sidewalk espresso cafe in Cuenca one day and hear all the details of your journey. Source:

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