What to expect when you’re an expat: exploring the life of an expatriate

Author: Stuart B. Newby

Language: English

Summary: Have you ever considered taking a job abroad? Did life get in the way of your dream to travel and explore the world? An expatriate (or ‘expat’ for short) is defined as someone who lives outside of their native country. Today’s society is filled with expatriates, living and working abroad enjoying some of the best and most exciting years of their lives. If venturing abroad for work or a change in scenery then this book can help you get to grips with what to expect on your journey and will provide you with some useful tips along the way. If living abroad is just a pipe dream then this is still the book for you! The insights into the life of an expat may help you decide whether to follow your dream or not.. Source: amazon.com

From the author: “This book gives a great first overview of what is involved in becoming an expat. Not only should it help first timers get their heads round the scale of the challenge it may also help to convince people that being an expat is great fun!”

Link: Find it on Amazon

Note: Author’s website: https://stuartnewby.wordpress.com



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