Book Cover

Why you need a foreign language and how to learn one

Author: Edward Trimnell

Language: English

Summary: Native English-speakers have become overly dependent on the language skills of others. And this dependence costs us dearly.

The first half of this book examines the commercial, social, and political implications of American monolingualism. As Americans ignore foreign languages, new economic and political trends are making foreign language skills essential for native English-speakers in the twenty-first century. We need foreign language skills to compete successfully in the global marketplace, to understand others, and to protect ourselves from emerging threats throughout the world. The second half of the book explores the techniques and tools that a working professional can use to acquire functional skills in a new language. Discover how you can learn a foreign language through a self-directed program of independent study. Find out which languages are most useful in the business world, and how a new language can dramatically enhance your career prospects (Amazon)

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