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Just a Diplomatic Spouse: A true story of Life

Author: Alexandra Paucescu

Language: English

Summary: Alexandra Paucescu is an educated Romanian woman who, by the age of 30, sees her whole life changing completely, as she marries a diplomat and embarks on a life long journey as a trailing diplomatic spouse.

She presents the diplomatic life which, looking from outside, it is definitely a privileged one. You get to see the world, meet lots of interesting and powerful people and have lifetime experiences. You live in a protected world that gives you immunity… only diplomatic, not for your soul and feelings though.

It is a roller coaster of emotions and mixed feelings, as she describes it. You’ve got to be strong to adapt, to get to know the rules of this kind of life and to make the best out of it. The book is a collection of events that occurred over a period of more than ten years, rules of diplomatic protocol and ranking, advice for other women at the beginning of a similar journey and also a collection of valuable travel and even shopping tips! It is a diary, a book on diplomatic etiquette, lifestyle and travel blog, ALL IN ONE.(Amazon)

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