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Japan Unmasked: The Character & Culture of the Japanese

Author: Boye Lafayette De Mente

Language: English

Summary: The growing globalization of world business, culture and communication—and Japan’s increasingly important role as a leader in that world—makes understanding Japanese culture critical for business people, diplomats, students, educators and anyone else with an interest in Japan.

Westerners have recognized—and analyzed—the many unique aspects of Japanese culture since they first set foot in Japan in the 16th century. The special talents (and weaknesses) that characterize the Japanese way of life are by now well-documented. But few Westerners really understand the beliefs and values that underlie how the Japanese think and act, how and why these attributes have been preserved in Japanese culture from ancient times through the modern day, or the critical role they play in today’s Japanese society.

In Japan Unmasked veteran Japanologist and author Boye Lafayette De Mente explores the social, cultural, and psychological characteristics responsible for the unique nature of modern-day Japanese culture— the real “face” behind the “mask”—and demonstrates how they have brought the Japanese to their central role on the world stage. (


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