Spaghetti & Sauna: Discovering the rational Finnish culture, through the eyes of an emotional Italian

Author: Irene De Benedictis 

Language: English

Summary: What happens when you move to a country that is, in just about everything, at the opposite poles of your own culture? Spaghetti & Sauna is the humorous story of the adventures of Irene, a young Italian woman from Rome, who had decided to move to a small town in Finland. She did not know anything about the local culture prior to moving, and the process to understand and adapt to the Finnish culture, was surely not an easy ride.
In the first part of the book, you will take a deep dive with Irene, into the most emblematic cultural differences between Italy and Finland. The dive will be accompanied by entertaining and embarrassing situations that Irene found herself into, before she finally understood how things worked in Finland.
In the second part of the book, things will get personal. Irene will take you to the “backstage” of what it felt to go through a culture-shock, before she managed to eventually adapt and learn a new way of living.
Enjoy the journey! (Amazon)

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