Human Library – Day 2

Check out the calendar for today’s Human Books.

Morgan Cooper, Creative Entrepreneurship in Occupied Palestine

Salvatore Canzio, Cantare la diversità

Marissa Verma, Come learn about Noongar country

Laura Chula, A fashion social company and cultural hub in Hanoi

Francesca Baronio, Giornalismo e espatrio a seguito

Gianluca Pardelli, Fotografando l’ex Unione Sovietica

Lucio Cascavilla, Rispediti al mittente: un documentario sulla Sierra Leone

Juliette McAndrew, Being Juliette: The most important transition

How to participate?

We ask for a donation (minimum 10 euros) to participate in this event. You can donate through Paypal (you don’t need a PayPal account; you can donate with your credit or debit card) at this link, or with a bank transfer at the following account: 

Expatclic Italia
BPER: Banca
IBAN: IT09E0538701615000042208372

When you donate, please don’t forget to provide your e-mail address, so that we can send you the link to log into the Human Library platform. With a single donation you’ll be able to access all of the scheduled events. For any doubts or questions, write us.


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