Expatbooks is an extensive virtual library created and managed by www.expatclic.com, an international portal that supports expat women in all phases of their moves abroad. Expatbooks offers a wide collection of books to anyone living or planning to relocate abroad, or simply wanting to discover new cultures.

Based on the experience and readings of the expat women of our community, the library is divided into these categories:

  • How-to books and Guides
    Books with practical information and advice to successfully plan and manage your relocation.
  • Expat stories and experiences
    Autobiographies, biographies, memoirs, journals and testimonials that share insights and experiences on one or more countries or specific situations abroad, told by expats and travelers.
  • New cultures
    Novels, stories, portraits about history, culture, traditions, lifestyles of different countries.
  • Children and Young Adults: resources for young expats about multiple cultural identities, learning new languages, moving and changing places.
  • Il tè letterario: an informal conversation among  Italian women living overseas on books, literature and Italian culture.

Browse our library by category, geographical index or language, and enjoy our comprehensive selection. And please share your own good reads with us!

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