Horizontal Living: A Tale of Expats Abroad

Author: Ray Green

Language: English

Summary: “Mediterranean noir with a comic twist.” – Mainsail Books

“Joyful, uplifting, and tinged with bliss.” – Sun Sentinel

Roy Groves has led a colourful career in business, during which he battled with corporate politics, deception, and even vicious criminals. But now Roy has retired and he is looking forward to a quieter life. He and his wife, Donna, have bought an apartment in an exclusive development on Spain’s Costa del Sol. Continue reading “Horizontal Living: A Tale of Expats Abroad”

Spaghetti & Sauna: Discovering the rational Finnish culture, through the eyes of an emotional Italian

Author: Irene De Benedictis  Language: English Summary: What happens when you move to a country that is, in just about everything, at the opposite poles of your own culture? Spaghetti & Sauna is the humorous story of the adventures of Irene, a young Italian woman from Rome, who had decided to move to a small town in Finland. She did not know anything about the … Continue reading Spaghetti & Sauna: Discovering the rational Finnish culture, through the eyes of an emotional Italian

Il mondo nei miei occhi

Author: Language: Italiano Summary: Un volume imperdibile che svela ai lettori alcune perle nascoste del fotografo americano. Il magnifico tripudio di fotografie contenute in questo volume ci restituisce il cuore pulsante del suo lavoro, che consiste nel trovare il lato umano nascosto dietro i titoloni dei giornali e, così facendo, ripristinare l’umanità di tutti noi. Ogni fotografia di Steve McCurry è un capolavoro, e sono molti … Continue reading Il mondo nei miei occhi

Perché il bambino cuoce nella polenta

Author: Aglaja Veteranyi

Language: Italiano

Summary: La piccola protagonista di questo magico romanzo è figlia di artisti circensi, la sua vera casa sono il tendone di un circo e le tante roulotte che cambiano di paese in paese. Suo padre è clown, acrobata e bandito, ma avrebbe voluto essere una star del cinema mentre sua madre, ogni notte, rimane appesa per i capelli sopra il pubblico e cammina nell’aria. È allora che lei ha paura e teme che alla madre possa accadere qualcosa di brutto. Continue reading “Perché il bambino cuoce nella polenta”

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Mother Tongues: travels through tribal Europe

Author: Helena Drysdale Language: English Summary: Helena Drysdale and her husband Richard rented out their house and embarked on an epic tour across Europe in their customized camper van, the Mob. With them went their two small daughters, Tallulah and Xanthe. They had few plans, but they did have a goal: to probe the secrets of western Europes indigenous tribes. Over seven seasons Helena Drysdale and … Continue reading Mother Tongues: travels through tribal Europe

Global Mother Tongue : The Eight Flavours of English

Author: Howard Richler

Language: English

Summary: Celebrating a language that is spoken by 1.6 billion people, this entertaining analysis explores the international growth of English and gives an in-depth examination of its history.

Explaining the differences and similarities between the eight English-languages—African, American, Australian/New Zealand, British, Canadian, Caribbean, East Asian, and South Asian—this survey reflects on both dialect and usage.

Continue reading “Global Mother Tongue : The Eight Flavours of English”