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Moving without shaking: The guide to expat life success (from women to women)

Author: Yelena Mackay

Language: English

Summary: This award-winning book is a definitive guide for women looking to build international careers and experience life abroad. In Moving Without Shaking, Yelena Mackay answers many questions that new and experienced expats alike ask at different times of their journeys and offers practical, no-nonsense advice on how to thrive abroad.

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Due bambini a New York

Author: Anna Doria Lamba Language: Italiano Summary: Trasferirsi, cambiare casa, città e amici. Due bambini non sono assolutamente d’accordo con la decisione dei genitori di andare a vivere a New York. Soprattutto perché laggiù si parla una lingua che non capiscono. Non sanno però che New York è una città magica piena di cose da scoprire. Lo sapevi, per esempio, che si può far amicizia … Continue reading Due bambini a New York

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I named my dog Pushkin (and other immigrant tales)

Author: Margarita Gokun Silver

Language: English

Summary: Moscow, 1988. After years of antisemitic harassment, countless hours waiting in line for toilet paper, and having zero access to cool jeans, Margarita decides it’s time to get the hell out of the Soviet Union. While dreaming of buying the boat-sized Buick she’d seen in a pirated VHS of Miami Vice and getting a taste of whatever it is Bruce Springsteen is singing about, she comes up with a plan to escape Mother Russia for good.

When Margarita arrives in the US with her family, she has one objective – become fully American as soon as possible, and leave her Soviet past behind. But she soon learns that finding her new voice is harder than avoiding the KGB.

Because, how do you become someone else completely? Is it as simple as changing your name, upgrading your wardrobe and working on your pronunciation of the word ‘sheet’? Can you let go of old habits (never, ever throw anything away), or learn to date without hang-ups (‘there is no sex in the Soviet Union’ after all)? Will you ever stop disappointing your parents, who expect you to become a doctor, a lawyer, an investment banker and a classical pianist – all at the same time? And can you still become the person you dreamed you’d be, while learning to embrace parts of yourself you’ve wanted to discard for good when you immigrated?

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Extraordinary Experiences: tales of special needs abroad

Author: Kathi M Silva

Language: English

Summary: Experiencing another culture is meant to be fun, adventurous and mind-opening. But what happens when you mix the joys of living or traveling abroad with the struggles of having a physical, intellectual, medical or other special need? Join our authors as they share their adventures abroad with unique challenges. This is not a “how-to” book, but a book of real-life stories, where you will find inspiration, guidance and insights from ordinary people who have made extraordinary adjustments to their experiences far from home (

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Trailing: A Memoir

Author: Kristin Louise Duncombe

Language: English

Summary: After a childhood travelling the world as the daughter of a U.S. diplomat, Kristin has plans to build a career as a psychotherapist and put down roots in the vibrant city of New Orleans. But it seems that history is destined to repeat itself when she meets Tano, a handsome Argentinian doctor, who sets her life on a new path as a “trailing” spouse, following the MSF doctor to foreign lands full of hardship and danger.

Despite the culture shock of living alongside the MSF team as they deal with life-or-death emergencies, Kristin makes a new life for herself in Nairobi only to have her world rocked by a violent carjacking. This act of terror catapults her into a state of acute post-traumatic stress, and her life devolves into one of intense anxiety that permeates every aspect of her existence.

As her marriage falls apart, Kristin realizes that in trailing after Tano as he pursues his life’s work, she has lost herself along the way. Forced to examine questions about her relationship, career, and personal identity, she struggles to save her marriage while facing the most difficult fight of her life: reinventing who she was meant to be.

Duncombe’s debut, as humorous as it is harrowing, provides an insider’s view of an MSF marriage, the sacrifices made in the name of love, and the compromises that must be made when love isn’t enough. Probing deeply into Kristin’s tumultuous search for identity, she captures her experiences with extraordinary authenticity and honesty, ultimately discovering that trailing can lead to transformation (

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The Modern Tiffin: On-The-Go Vegan Dishes with Global Flair

Author: Priyanka Naik

Language: English

Summary: Italy, Mexico, Thailand, India… Self-taught Indian American chef Priyanka Naik loves to travel just as much as she loves cooking! So when she set out to write a cookbook, she knew it couldn’t be just one cuisine—it had to feature a world of plant-based flavors. Drawing on her heritage and her travels, Chef Priyanka introduces you to a world of mouthwatering vegan dishes in The Modern Tiffin.

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