Kindergarten at 60

Author: Dian Seidel Summary: In Kindergarten at 60, Dian Seidel, an internationally acclaimed senior scientist, embarks on a new adventure in her retirement. Seidel and her husband travel to Thailand, where she starts over from scratch — as a kindergarten teacher. Part travel memoir and part second-arc story, Seidel learns how to navigate a new culture, career, and the Covid-19 pandemic all while undergoing marital … Continue reading Kindergarten at 60

Surviving Covid-19 in a Foreign Land: Stories of Expats and Migrants Around the World

Author: Irina Sirbu, Inna Rothmann Language: English Summary: The rules have changed, but life goes on. What is it like to live through the pandemic if you are stranded in a foreign land? Ten characters, expats and migrants, from all over the world find themselves cut off from their homelands, cultures and families at the time of COVID-19 pandemic. Overcoming the initial shock and fear, … Continue reading Surviving Covid-19 in a Foreign Land: Stories of Expats and Migrants Around the World


Author: Rebecca Mead

Language: English

Summary: A moving reflection on the complicated nature of home and homeland, and the heartache and adventure of leaving an adopted country in order to return to your native land—this is a “winsome memoir of departure and reversal . . . about the way a series of unknowns accrue into a life” (Jia Tolentino, author of Trick Mirror). Continue reading “Home/Land A MEMOIR OF DEPARTURE AND RETURN”

Being a Distance Grandparent: A Book for ALL Generations (Distance Families)

Author: Helen Ellis M.A.

Language: English

Summary: Is your family geographically scattered? Has globalisation made your family a Distance Family? This book tells the candid story of how Distance Parents and Distance Grandparents struggle – and succeed – to adapt to their new reality. This isn’t family life as they had imagined it.If you are a Distance Parent or Distance Grandparent, all those how, why and what-if questions will find answers in these pages. You’ll realise, perhaps for the first time, that you’re not alone on your journey. Continue reading “Being a Distance Grandparent: A Book for ALL Generations (Distance Families)”

God Lives in St. Petersburg and Other Stories

Author: Tom Bissell

Language: English

Summary: Here are six fictional stories about Americans colliding with a remote and often perilous part of the world:

Two journalists, stranded in wartime Afghanistan, are taken in by a warlord who becomes the arbiter of their fates.
Continue reading “God Lives in St. Petersburg and Other Stories”

L’Anno dell’Alpaca

Author: Gianmarco Sicuro

Language: Italiano

Summary: L’anno dell’alpaca è il racconto del lungo viaggio di chi si ritrova, suo malgrado, dall’altra parte del pianeta quando l’Organizzazione mondiale della Sanità annuncia l’inizio di una pandemia. Mentre il mondo si chiude in casa, la cronaca personale di Giammarco Sicuro, inviato speciale della redazione Esteri del Tg2, fa conoscere al lettore le realtà e le vicende umane di tre continenti: dal Perù dei primi casi accertati, alla Spagna in lockdown. Dalla Corea del Sud divenuta un modello di gestione del virus, al dramma di Messico e Brasile. Continue reading “L’Anno dell’Alpaca”