enfant expatrié

L’enfant expatrié

Author: Gaelle Goutain

Language: Français

Summary: Lorsqu’un départ à l’étranger s’annonce, les parents sont très vite assaillis par une multitude de questions et de sentiments. Ce livre-guide a pour intérêt principal l’enfant. Les explications sur le fonctionnement de la vie psychique et émotionnelle de l’enfant alternent avec des trucs et astuces pratiques, ainsi que des témoignages de nombreuses familles expatriées. L’accompagnement de l’enfant grâce à une présence parentale bienveillante est le gage de son épanouissement au cours de cette expérience originale. – Source: Amazon.fr

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Bilingual, life and reality

Author: François Grosjean

Language: English

Summary: Whether in family life, social interactions, or business negotiations, half the people in the world speak more than one language every day. Yet many myths persist about bilingualism and bilinguals. In a lively and entertaining book, an international authority on bilingualism explores the many facets of life with two or more languages. Source: Harvard University Press

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Moving with kids: 25 ways to ease your family’s transition to a new home


Author: Lori Burgan

Language: English

Summary: Moving to a new home is exciting – but it can be scary and lonely, too. Whether you’re taking your children across town, across the country, or overseas, you have to smooth their path. Drawing on the expertise of families that have relocated many times, Moving with Kids provides the practical advice such families need, including how to: Minimize stress and give children a sense of control; Help kids keep old friends and make new ones fast; Find the right neighborhood and school; Create a sense of belonging in the new community; Use the move to build family unity and children’s self-confidence. Source: Google Books

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Moving overseas: the definitive guide to moving


Author: Charles Buck

Language: English

Summary: How to prepare for the big move without fuss. The key component to ensuring a smooth and stress free move is organisation. Moving abroad is very different to moving domestically and for this reason it is imperative that you be as organised as possible. Learn all about this in chapter 8.

How to find an international moving company without being scammed. In preparing to ship your goods overseas ensure you contact a few removal companies to compare quotes and ensure a reasonable price. Price should not be the only factor on which to base your choice.  Source: Amazon.com

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Arrivals, departures and the adventures in-between

Author: Christopher O’Shaughnessy

Language: English

Summary: Everyone’s got a story to tell. If your story involves growing up among different cultures – either moving between them or having them move around you – then read this book. Growing up and transitioning cross-culturally can present unexpected challenges and bestow surprising skills. This is a book of adventures to help identify some of those challenges and use some of those skills in your own life – which is important because you’ve got more to contribute to the world than you realise. Source: Amazon.com

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Safe Passage, how mobility affects people & what international schools should do about it

Author: Doug Ota

Language: English

Summary: “Moving is one of life’s greatest challenges. The largest study in educational research history demonstrates that moving harms learning. But moving not only challenges students. The experience of lost identity extends across the lifespan, also affecting parents and school staff. Firmly grounded in psychological theory and cutting-edge neuroscience, Safe Passage maps the challenges and charts a course for individuals, schools, and accrediting bodies to navigate them. Although primarily focusing on international schools, the hopeful message within this book reaches into any school, university, or organization where human beings come and go.” Source: Amazon.com

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