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Always Another Country

Author: Sisonke Msimang

Language: English

Summary: “Brutally and uncompromisingly honest, Sisonke’s beautifully crafted storytelling enriches the already extraordinary pool of young African women writers of our time.” ―Graça Machel, widow of former South African president Nelson Mandela. Continue reading “Always Another Country”

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Night of power

Author: Anar Ali

Language: English

Summary: A portrait of a Muslim family–from the heady days in Uganda to hard times in a new country, and the tragic accident that forces them to confront the ghosts of the past.

It’s 1998. And Mansoor Visram has lived in Canada for 25 years, ever since dictator Idi Amin expelled South Asians from Uganda.

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Live & Work in Canada: the most accurate, practical and comprehensive guide to living and working in Canada

Author: Frances Lemon

Language: English

Summary: This book is a complete guide to daily life in Canada, from finding a home to finding work or even setting up a business from scratch. Live & Work in Canada is illustrated with first-hand accounts from people living in Canada and is full colour, with numerous maps and photographs throughout. Set out to be easily accessible, each chapter guides you through the practicalities of a move to Canada, from setting up home to finding a job. In particular, it gives advice on renting accommodation, opening the right bank account, finding your ideal home, obtaining a competitive mortgage and making the most of your leisure time. There is also easy access to urgent information such as emergency phone numbers, laws and regulations and healthcare advice.The employment section of the book covers vital information, such as the skills and trades most in demand, permanent, seasonal and temporary work, salaries, working hours and holidays, trade unions and contracts, starting or buying your own business and MORE! Source:

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Do you still have cleavage with just one breast?

Author: Sue Lawrence

Language: English

Summary: On honeymoon and two months pregnant, Sue, a Canadian living in the Netherlands, discovers a lump in her breast. This is her raw, unpolished diary as she navigates the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Brutally honest, she faces the overwhelming terror of the road ahead – for herself and her unborn daughter. This remarkable and compelling memoir will empower others to feel whatever they need to feel as they battle this disease. Raw and inspirational. – Source:

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Vivre le Québec libre: guide de survie Européens au Québec

Author: Julien Valat

Language: French

Summary: Le Québec renoue avec son histoire. La Belle province est à nouveau une terre majeure d’immigration française. Son dynamisme économique aspire des dizaines de milliers de Français et de francophones chaque année. Un phénomène qui explose avec la crise économique persistante en Europe. Exemple de cet engouement , en 2014, les quotas de visas vacances travail s’écoulent en quelques minutes auprès des jeunes Français. Dans Vivre le Québec, Julien Valat nous raconte la vie québécoise par le détail. Depuis l’immigration jusqu’à la location d’appartement, en passant par les études, le travail, les enfants, la culture, etc. Toutes les clés pour réussir votre projet au Québec — Source:

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