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Raising bilingual children: when school speaks a different language

Author: Clarissa Gosling

Language: English

Summary: Does your child speak a different language at school and home?

In this book Clarissa draws on her experience of sending her British children to a Dutch school to help you support your child through their education.

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Books to help kids understand what It’s like to be a refugee

We see the news stories about refugees almost every day. We hear the true but almost unimaginable accounts of families forced to flee their homes, their homelands, their entire lives. While we may wish that our children didn’t have to know about such trauma, the facts are that it’s real and very present — and there are countless children actually living it. Stories can facilitate … Continue reading Books to help kids understand what It’s like to be a refugee

Moving house

Author: Mark Siegel

Language: English

Summary: The fog in Foggytown was so thick that people bumped into parking meters . . . and streetlamps . . . and each other!

So Joey and Chloe’s parents decide it’s time to move. But Joey and Chloe love their house. And as it turns out, their house loves them . . . and has a very special and utterly fantastic way of taking matters into its own hands.

Comic- and picture-book star Mark Siegel has spun a delightful and compelling fantasy for young picture book readers, illustrated in a unique style that combines elements of traditional picture book, comic, and animation art. Source:

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Author: Norton Juster Language: English Summary: Written by the acclaimed author of The Phantom Tollbooth, this Amazon Best Picture Book of the Year is a simply told story about a boy who moves to a new neighborhood and finds a unique way to make friends. With whimsical illustrations by award-winning illustrator G. Brian Karas, here is a read-aloud that’s great for storytime, and is sure to be … Continue reading Neville

World change starts with educated children

  Do you love reading? When did you first fall in love with books? For many of us the answers are easy to say.  Yes, we love books and we have been enjoying them since we were children. But this is not always the case. Please take two minutes of your time to read this article about an amazing organisation, Room to Read, whose main … Continue reading World change starts with educated children