david lebovitz

The sweet life in Paris

Author: David Leibovitz

Language: English

Summary: Paris might seem like the greatest city in the world, but there’s a lot to learn if you truly want to fit in. David Lebovitz, an admirer of Paris for many years, came to learn this firsthand when he finally moved there. He discovered a lot about the city, from how important it is to dress up to take out the garbage, to the various social mores regarding men’s footwear, to how one is supposed to eat a cheese plate (apparently not willy-nilly, like some of us might think). Through his writing and recipes, you’ll discover Paris as you’ve never seen it before (though you may remain mystified as to why cartoon characters on men’s socks are particularly Parisian). – Source: Book Prescriptions

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Per amore, per lavoro

Author:  Francesca Prandstraller

Language: Italiano

Summary: Questo volume racconta delle storie di donne. Donne che hanno accettato incarichi lavorativi all’estero o che hanno seguito il marito e che si sono confrontate e scontrate con i problemi legati alla interruzione e alla ripresa della propria carriera in un mondo diverso. Continue reading “Per amore, per lavoro”