The Family Sabbatical Handbook: the budget guide to living abroad with your family

Author: Elisa Bernick

Language: English

Summary: What’s it like living in another country? People have been fascinated by the topic for millennia, accounting for best sellers from Herodotus to Mayle and Mayes. While many readers are satisfied with a vicarious experience, a growing number want to live it for themselves. Elisa Bernick offers readers the book she wished she’d had when she and her husband and children were planning their 18-month family sabbatical. Source:

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Moving Abroad – One Step at a Time

Author: Rafael Dos Santos

Language: English

Summary: Real stories and advice to help you succeed – written with you in mind! This book provides advice and tips for those who have decided to move to another country to follow a dream or to reach a goal. It is brought to life by stories and experiences of people who have happily moved abroad. The author explains each stage of this journey in detail and helps you to understand the emotions involved in moving and how to plan the practical side of your trip too. It’s a book that’s easy to read, funny and very informative. Source:

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expat life

Expat life: New beginnings

Author: G.T. Donnellan

Language: English

Summary: Becoming an expat is both exciting and terrifying. Will I fit in? Will I make friends and understand the culture? Will I like it there, and most importantly, if I don’t, what can I do? Expat Life: New Beginnings is a go-to resource for all those considering a permanent or semi-permanent move abroad. This is not a guidebook, rather a companion that demystifies the emotional impact of expat living with honesty and clarity. The author offers first-hand insight into the many facets of expat life, both good and bad. She has worked and lived in sub-Saharan Africa, the megacities of Asia, the wilds of central Europe, and just about everywhere in between. She draws on the experiences of other expats she has met on her journey, all with their own unique, often heartfelt, perspectives. All new beginnings start with you. – Source:

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jean-luc cedrin

S’expatrier en toute connaissance de cause

Author: Jean-Luc Cendrin

Language: Français

Summary: Vous avez envie de partir vivre à l’étranger ? Votre employeur vous propose une mobilité internationale. Comment vous assurer que ce choix de carrière vous convient et mettre toutes les chances de succès de votre côté ? Pour y parvenir, l’ouvrage S’expatrier en toute connaissance de cause de Jean-Luc Cerdin vous propose un véritable programme de ” coaching ” à l’expatriation. Issu de recherches récentes, cet ouvrage vous accompagne, étape par étape, dans la construction de votre projet de mobilité internationale. Grâce à des quiz d’auto-évaluation, vous pourrez évaluer votre aptitude à l’expatriation et engager des pistes d’actions concrètes pour bien vous préparer. Le site web dédié ” L’expatriation : préparez votre projet de mobilité internationale ! ” vous offrira en complément une palette de ressources et d’outils (témoignages d’expatriés, conseils pratiques, adresses utiles) pour affiner votre projet. A l’issue de cet ouvrage, vous pourrez ainsi répondre aux questions suivantes : suis-je fait pour l’expatriation ? Ai-je intérêt à partir et sous quelles conditions ? Quelles sont mes chances de succès ? Comment les optimiser ? A l’inverse quelles sont mes zones de risques ? Comment les limiter ? – Source:

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Living and working in Switzerland: A survival handbook

Author: David Hampshire

Language: English

Summary: Written in an entertaining style with a touch of humor, Living and Working in Switzerland is designed to provide newcomers with the practical information necessary for a relatively trouble-free life. It contents include finding a job, permits & visas, health, accommodation, finance, insurance, education, shopping, post office and telephone services, public transport, motoring, TV and radio, leisure, sports and much, much more. Essential reading for anyone planning to spend an extended period in Switzerland. – Source:

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expat expert

The expert expat: Your guide to successful relocation abroad

Author: Melissa Brayer-Hess and Patricia Linderman Language: English Summary: Trusted by thousands of families and individuals, The Expert Expat is essential reading for anyone moving overseas. Personal stories – from the authors’ dozens of years abroad as well as the experience of countless expats worldwide – help prepare people for the exhilarating and daunting task of establishing a life far from home. This new edition … Continue reading The expert expat: Your guide to successful relocation abroad