Reverse Culture Shock

 Author: H.E. Rybol

Language: English

Summary: Feeling like a collection of loose puzzle pieces? This book of adapted blog posts will help you feel like beautiful patchwork, strong seams and all! You’ll read about code-switching, contextualizing, mirroring, giving meaning to experiences, connecting, finding a sense of community and more.

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A toolbox for culture shock

Helen grew up abroad and experienced Culture Shock directly. A writer and blogger, she has put together an exciting “toolbox” for Culture Shock. We are proud to introduce you to this amazing lady, and invite you to browse through her incredibly interesting websites. Thank you, Helen. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I’m a TCK and I write two blogs: and I’ve lived abroad … Continue reading A toolbox for culture shock

Reverse Culture Shock, a great book

Reverse culture shock, the new great book by Hélène Rybol   We already know Hélène from this beautiful interview. Hélène grew up as a TCK, has an extensive experience in culture shock, and is a talented blogger and writer. Her new book, Reverse Culture Shock, deals with the complexity of feelings you experience when you go back to what supposedly is your home, after mingling with one or more different … Continue reading Reverse Culture Shock, a great book