Il té letterario di Expatclic del 19 giugno – Discussione di Se una notte a Parigi una tedesca e un italiano

Oggi abbiamo avuto un ospite speciale: Federico Iarlori, che ha simpaticamente discusso con noi il suo libro “Se una notte a Parigi, una tedesca e un italiano” (Giunti), di cui abbiamo raccontato qui. Federico ci ha parlato di questo romanzo di formazione, che descrive un personaggio “quasi osceno, con idee grossolane riguardo ad altre culture, all’altro sesso ecc.”, che diventa padre. Attraverso un processo, che … Continue reading Il té letterario di Expatclic del 19 giugno – Discussione di Se una notte a Parigi una tedesca e un italiano

My life abroad: a selection of expat stories

Author: Cyril Richert, Florence Gindre

Language: English

Summary: ‘So, when I had an opportunity to relocate, I didn’t hesitate for one second… and here I am.” So begins the story of many expats as they are told in the pages of this book.

With the Internet’s increased accessibility, many blogs have been created and expats have embraced this new medium of communication in order to share their experience. Since 2011, has been a public voice for many expat bloggers through regular interviews published on the website. This book offers a small number of them that we have selected for you.

Those interviewed have become expats for a number of different reasons. Many are attracted by the idea of living in a foreign country. What is abroad? Is the grass greener elsewhere? How do people live there? What are their customs? How would I live in this country?

We imagine throughout the different stories that ties with family or friends are not as undermined as they might have been a while ago. Internet, Skype and social networks have reduced the distance between people. The long-distance disappears and kilometres are no longer an obstacle.

These interviews are snapshots; they express opinions delivered at one time and they may have evolved later. Comments reflect the thoughts of their author at that moment, with their share of subjectivity.

You must read this book as a photo album, allowing you to discover a world view, at a given angle – Source:

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