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O Come Ye Back to Ireland: Our First Year in County Clare

Author: Niall Williams, Christine Breen

Language: English

Summary: A story of a young couple who abandoned their careers in New York and moved to Ireland tells of their idyllic life in a cottage, surrounded by the beauty and character of the land of their ancestors. (Goodreads)

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An Expat’s Guide to Ireland: Life in a Second World Country

Author: Milo Denison

Language: English

Summary: An Expat’s Guide to Ireland describes the experiences of the author who left the United States in order to build a new life in Ireland, including the necessary bureaucratic steps such as sorting out customs, work permit and the perils of apartment hunting in Dublin. Scattered throughout the book are anecdotes about the pitfalls of navigating Irish life as an expat, in between extensive useful information and tips and tricks for moving and getting the most out of life in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Source:

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Moving to Ireland: A Practical Guide

Author: C L Mitchell

Language: English

Summary: Considering a move to Ireland? C L Mitchell uses her first hand knowledge and experience of relocating to Ireland to provide this easy to read, comprehensive guide. Packed with practical and essential information including immigration, housing, work, education, and culture, it provides everything you need to settle into your new life in Ireland. Included in this guide: – Essential information about moving to Ireland, including immigration, costs and considerations, preparing for the move, and relocating with pets. – Practical information on setting up your daily life, including renting or buying property, setting up utilities, healthcare, banking, and shopping. – Information about childcare and education options available in Ireland. – Guide to working and studying in Ireland. – Detailed guide on getting around Ireland by public transport, bicycle, and vehicle, including information about owning a vehicle and obtaining an Irish drivers licence – Source:

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Author: Colm Toibin

Language: English

Summary: Eilis Lacey has come of age in small-town Ireland in the hard years following World War Two. When an Irish priest from Brooklyn offers to sponsor Eilis in America, she decides she must go, leaving her fragile mother and her charismatic sister behind. Eilis finds work in a department store on Fulton Street, and when she least expects it, finds love. Tony, who loves the Dodgers and his big Italian family, slowly wins her over with patient charm. But just as Eilis begins to fall in love, devastating news from Ireland threatens the promise of her future. – Source:

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A history of loneliness: a novel


Author: John Boyne

Language: English

Summary: Propelled into the priesthood by a family tragedy, Odran Yates is full of hope and ambition. When he arrives at Clonliffe Seminary in the 1970s, it is a time in Ireland when priests are highly respected, and Odran believes that he is pledging his life to “the good.”
Forty years later, Odran’s devotion is caught in revelations that shatter the Irish people’s faith in the Catholic Church. He sees his friends stand trial, colleagues jailed, the lives of young parishioners destroyed, and grows nervous of venturing out in public for fear of disapproving stares and insults. At one point, he is even arrested when he takes the hand of a young boy and leads him out of a department store looking for the boy’s mother.
But when a family event opens wounds from his past, he is forced to confront the demons that have raged within the church, and to recognize his own complicity in their propagation, within both the institution and his own family.
A novel as intimate as it is universal, A History of Loneliness is about the stories we tell ourselves to make peace with our lives. It confirms Boyne as one of the most searching storytellers of his generation. Source:

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