Stormy with a chance of fried rice

Author: Pat Walsh

Language: English

Summary:  In Jakarta to edit a painful human rights report on Timor-Leste, the author sought relief by hanging out with ordinary Indonesians and enjoying the excitement of discovering the everyday activities and places that they find commonplace. Over two stormy wet seasons he learned how to cross a Jakarta street and live to tell the story, catch a glimpse of Jakarta’s rich but neglected colonial past, navigate men’s toilets, sink into sleep after a cream bath, read the koran and much more. Both playful and serious, the book is a celebration of the author’s all too brief encounters with the people and places of one of the world’s megacities too often obscured by sorrows of one or other kind. Source:

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Author: Nh Dini

Language: English

Summary: As an airhostess with the new Indonesian Airlines, Elisa is determined to establish her independence and find a place where she really feels she belongs. With a troubled family background and almost no knowledge of her past or ancestry, Elisa is searching for her true identity. If finding her real father proves a heartbreaking search, then perhaps marriage to the handsome Javanese man she has fallen deeply in love will give her the sense of belonging and stability for which she yearns. In this story, Elisa learns what it means to be a young woman finding her way in the troubled early years after Indonesia’s independence – source

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Jakarta shopper’s guide

Author: American Women’s Association of Jakarta

Language: English

Summary: This book is a MUST for anybody landing in Jakarta. It tells you everything about where to find everything – from a pen to a car, including doctors, restaurants and schools. With a very good introduction to practical life in Jakarta.

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