Monday Morning Emails

Author: Terry Anne Wilson, Jo Parfitt Language: English Summary: A continent apart, Jo and Terry Anne made the commitment to email each other every Monday morning for six months. Part memoir, part diary, part self-help, the result is a vulnerable and insightful recollection – the then and now – of expatriate life between two friends. Over the past twenty-five years, the authors have created homes … Continue reading Monday Morning Emails

Sunshine soup – nourishing the global soul


Author: Jo Parfitt

Language: English

Summary: Maya’s world is about to be rocked to its core. Her husband has uprooted the family and transported them to Dubai. Whilst Maya is ready to be the supportive expat wife and mother, the culture change hits hard and her life unravels.

Barb seems to be her lifeline, energetically involving Maya in groups and activities, but the sands under Barb’s feet are shifting as she discovers the empty shell her life has become. Her ‘loving’ husband barely talks to her when they’re not with company and seems to think that an unlimited credit card is the answer to wedded bliss.

Two very different women, their husbands, children and friends are all put under the microscope as they discover what really matters and how close they came to losing it all. Source:

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