korean girl

Korean girl in America

Author: Hope Kim

Language: English

Summary: Hope is not your typical teenage girl. After a tumultuous childhood, she is once again in a new town and a new school which her mother has dragged her to. As is often the case, she is one of the only Asian kids in an all-white school and is still dealing with family issues. Hope is struggling to adjust to her new environment as a freshman in high school, where she meets a school counselor who helps her wade through the entire school year as well as pushes her to explore her past and what it means to her well-being. She is spunky and humorous, as well as contemplative, using prose and poetry to search for answers from the world as well as from God.
Deeply personal to the author, Korean Girl in American is a profound and poignant story about struggling through difficult times and the angst which inevitably comes with tough family situations, new environments, and being in the minority. There is a blend of hardship, humor, pain, and laughter as one teen girl explores her own actions, thoughts, and dreams through the typical as well as unusual events of her teenage life. Join her as you feel, ponder, seek, and laugh with every new hurdle in her life, and search for meaning in her history and future. – Source: Amazon.com

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