Goodbye House, Hello House

Author: Margaret Wild Language: English Summary: A joyful story about moving house and embracing change: This is the last time I’ll fish in this river. This is the last time I’ll run through these trees. This is the last time I’ll dream by this fire … Goodbye, old house. Goodbye. A heartwarming story of letting go and starting anew, of moving from the country to the … Continue reading Goodbye House, Hello House

Operation Six Continents

Author: Phoebe Liedstrand, Phoebe Ross

Language: English

Summary: Content:

Is it possible to spread your family onto all 6 continents at once?
What you need to know before becoming a Family-on-the-Move
What you should be good at to make this work for your family
Our first overseas experience for our family of 6
The expected and unexpected for a Family-on-the-Move
19 Keys to raising well-balanced Kids-on-the-Move
Post-test—to see if you can make the Family-on-the-Move cut.


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Let’s move overseas: the international edition of let’s make a move!

Author: Beverly D. Roman

Language: English

Summary: International moving: a creative visualization activity book for young children.

AUTHOR’S COMMENTS: Let’s Move Overseas was written and designed with illustrations to help children deal with their feelings about a move, as well as give them positive reinforcement and ways to visualize a happy experience in their new home and school in a foreign country. – Source:

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Moving with kids: 25 ways to ease your family’s transition to a new home


Author: Lori Burgan

Language: English

Summary: Moving to a new home is exciting – but it can be scary and lonely, too. Whether you’re taking your children across town, across the country, or overseas, you have to smooth their path. Drawing on the expertise of families that have relocated many times, Moving with Kids provides the practical advice such families need, including how to: Minimize stress and give children a sense of control; Help kids keep old friends and make new ones fast; Find the right neighborhood and school; Create a sense of belonging in the new community; Use the move to build family unity and children’s self-confidence. Source: Google Books

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Heads above water

Author: Stephanie Dagg

Language: English

Summary: Heads Above Water is the story of our first couple of years as expats in France. And yes, there are lots of books about living in France out there already. But a lot of these are the short-term adventures of single people or retired couples or tourists.

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