Annamaria Imberti

Andiamo, dai: 8 traslochi in giro per il mondo

Author: Annamaria Imberti

Language: Italian

Summary: Si parte così, in due, pensando che sia per un breve periodo di lavoro in Asia, e poi non ci si ferma più. Si finisce col traslocare otto volte in dodici anni attraverso tre continenti, dall’Italia alla Tailandia, poi Panama, Stati Uniti, Svizzera e Giappone. Con due bimbetti multilingue e giramondo, che a tutt’oggi non saprebbero proprio dire esattamente da dove vengano. Questa è la vera storia di una famiglia in giro per il mondo, dell’amore che li ha tenuti uniti, e del senso dell’umorismo che ha fatto tutto il resto. La storia di come il vero viaggio inizi là dove finiscono le certezze. Ovunque nel mondo hanno ricostruito la loro tribù, contando su persone sparse per il mondo come loro, con la stessa abitudine a sentirsi fuori luogo e la libertà un po’ infantile che ne deriva. – Source:

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living in italy

Living in Italy: The real deal – how to survive the good life

Author: Stef Smulders

Language: English

SummaryRead about the hilarious and horrendous adventures of two Dutchmen and their dog who took the plunge and nearly drowned… Did you like “Under the Tuscan Sun” by Frances Mayes? Then this another great read for you. The story is situated in the beautiful but unknown Oltrepò Pavese wine region south of Milan. With its smooth hills, medieval castles, ancient villages and endless vineyards it is called the Tuscany of the North of Italy. Read the stories and discover another hidden gem of Italy! – Source:

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Moving house

Author: Mark Siegel

Language: English

Summary: The fog in Foggytown was so thick that people bumped into parking meters . . . and streetlamps . . . and each other!

So Joey and Chloe’s parents decide it’s time to move. But Joey and Chloe love their house. And as it turns out, their house loves them . . . and has a very special and utterly fantastic way of taking matters into its own hands.

Comic- and picture-book star Mark Siegel has spun a delightful and compelling fantasy for young picture book readers, illustrated in a unique style that combines elements of traditional picture book, comic, and animation art. Source:

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Author: Norton Juster Language: English Summary: Written by the acclaimed author of The Phantom Tollbooth, this Amazon Best Picture Book of the Year is a simply told story about a boy who moves to a new neighborhood and finds a unique way to make friends. With whimsical illustrations by award-winning illustrator G. Brian Karas, here is a read-aloud that’s great for storytime, and is sure to be … Continue reading Neville

Moving day!


Author: Jess Stockham

Language: English

Summary: We’re moving house! Who’s going to help with the packing? What do we need to keep, and what can we give away? Helping with real tasks is a natural progression from pretend play, and is a crucial stage in a child’s development. Achieving a shared goal encourages a sense of responsibility, and develops many skills useful in later life. Simple conversational text and lively illustrations are carefully designed to encourage further dialogue between reader and child. Source:

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The red bridge

Author: Kylie Dunstan

Language: English

Summary: The Red Bridge is the story of a young girl who has relocated to an Asian city with her Family. The tells of her culture shock when faced with all the differences in her surrounds and how she slowly overcomes this with time and friendship. Source: Windy Hollow Books.

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