Splash!: 10,000 Years of Swimming

Author: Howard Means

Language: English

Summary: From man’s first recorded dip into what’s now the driest spot on earth to the splashing, sparkling pool party in your backyard, humans have been getting wet for 10,000 years. And for most of modern history, swimming has caused a ripple that touches us all–the heroes and the ordinary folk; the real and the mythic.

Splash! dives into Egypt, winds through ancient Greece and Rome, flows mostly underground through the Dark and Middle Ages (at least in Europe), and then reemerges in the wake of the Renaissance before taking its final lap at today’s Olympic games. Along the way, it kicks away the idea that swimming is just about moving through water, about speed or great feats of aquatic endurance, and shows you how much more it can be. Its history offers a multi-tiered tour through religion, fashion, architecture, sanitation and public health, colonialism, segregation and integration, sexism, sexiness, guts, glory, and much, much more.

Unique and compelling, Splash! sweeps across the whole of humankind’s swimming history–and just like jumping into a pool on a hot summer’s day, it has fun along the way.

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A Journey in Languages and Cultures – The Life of a Bicultural Bilingual

Author: François Grosjean

Language: English

Summary: This book explores the life and experiences of one of the world’s most renowned and well-respected experts in bilingualism. François Grosjean takes us through his life, from his monolingual childhood in a small village outside Paris to the long periods of time he spent in Switzerland, England, France, and the United States, becoming bilingual and bicultural in the process.

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Why are people different colours?: Big issues for little people around identity and diversity

Author: Emma Waddington, Christopher McCurry

Language: English

Summary: Learn how to:

Talk to children, develop and harness your child’ curiosity, address questions about diversity with confidence.

This revolutionary series, written by two child psychologists, provides the perfect platform to explore a broad range of family issues and questions that children have as they grow up and try to make sense of the world around them.

Each illustrated spread poses important, commonly-asked questions around diversity and cultural identity, such as “Why are people different colours?”, “How come she is in a wheelchair?” and “Why does Grandma have wrinkles?”, which help children to discuss their feelings and understand others as they become aware of people of different ages, cultures and appearance. Includes explanations and advice for parents and carers throughout. – Source:

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The Permanent Resident

Author: Roanna Gonsalves

Language: English

Summary: A woman who can’t swim wades into a suburban pool. An Indian family sits down to an Australian Christmas dinner. A single mother’s offer to coach her son’s soccer team leads to an unexpected encounter. A recent migrant considers taking the fall for a second generation ‘friend’. A wife refuses to let her husband look at her phone. An international student gets off a train at night.

Roanna Gonsalves’ short stories unearth the aspirations, ambivalence and guilt laced through the lives of 21st century immigrants, steering through clashes of cultures, trials of faith, and squalls of racism. Sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes playful, they cut to the truth of what it means to be a modern outsider. ” Source: UWA Publishing

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La expatriación y el reto multicultural

Author: Virginia Sanz Sánchez

Language: Spanish

Summary: El mundo globalizado, el desarrollo de las tecnologías de la información y la apertura de los mercados han impulsado el desarrollo hacia una sociedad global. En este nuevo paradigma, encontramos la necesidad urgente de abordar el tema de las diferencias culturales por su gran impacto en todos los aspectos económicos y sociales de nuestra vida. A través de este libro podrás entender cómo la “cultura” nos modela y nos afecta y porqué la competencia intercultural es crucial en nuestros días. Además podrás entender los riesgos asociados a la expatriación, así como el choque cultural que se produce cuando vivimos una experiencia en el extranjero. Te proporcionaré estrategias eficaces para trabajarlo, para mejorar tu comunicación intercultural y para superar las barreras culturales que te encuentres en tu estancia en el extranjero. Este libro está pensado para personas que vayan a vivir un proceso de expatriación en otro país por motivos económicos o laborales, así como también para Directores generales y profesionales de Recursos Humanos que aborden el tema de diversidad en su empresa, así como aquellos que tengan una población de expatriados en su empresa. Pero también, para cualquier persona interesada en la mejora de la sensibilidad intercultural así como de sus habilidades de negociación y comunicación con otras culturas. – Source:

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