The Modern Tiffin: On-The-Go Vegan Dishes with Global Flair

Author: Priyanka Naik

Language: English

Summary: Italy, Mexico, Thailand, India… Self-taught Indian American chef Priyanka Naik loves to travel just as much as she loves cooking! So when she set out to write a cookbook, she knew it couldn’t be just one cuisine—it had to feature a world of plant-based flavors. Drawing on her heritage and her travels, Chef Priyanka introduces you to a world of mouthwatering vegan dishes in The Modern Tiffin.

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Heart of Fire – An Immigrant Daughter’s Story

Author: Mazie K. Hirono

Language: English

Summary: The intimate and inspiring life story of Mazie Hirono, the first Asian-American woman and the only immigrant serving in the U.S. Senate

Mazie Hirono is one of the most fiercely outspoken Democrats in Congress, but her journey to the U.S. Senate was far from likely. Raised on a rice farm in rural Japan, she was seven years old when her mother, Laura, left her abusive husband and sailed with her two elder children to Hawaii, crossing the Pacific in steerage in search of a better life. Though the girl then known as “Keiko” did not speak or read English when she entered first grade, she would go on to serve as a state representative and as Hawaii’s lieutenant governor before winning election to Congress in 2006. Continue reading “Heart of Fire – An Immigrant Daughter’s Story”

Go Back to Where You Came From: And Other Helpful Recommendations on How to Become American

Author: Wajahat Ali

Language: English

Summary: “Go back to where you came from, you terrorist!”

This is just one of the many warm, lovely, and helpful tips that Wajahat Ali and other children of immigrants receive on a daily basis. Go back where, exactly? Fremont, California, where he grew up, but is now an unaffordable place to live? Or Pakistan, the country his parents left behind a half-century ago? Continue reading “Go Back to Where You Came From: And Other Helpful Recommendations on How to Become American”

Palermo è una cipolla. Remix

Author: Roberto Alajmo Language: Italiano Summary: Ogni libro dovrebbe avere almeno l’aspirazione di essere eterno. Almeno, l’aspirazione: sapendo che non potrà mai arrivarci. E questo libro quella strada l’aveva imboccata. Ma il tempo passa, e la Città cambia e sì, in moltissime cose la Città è cambiata in meglio. Certo, c’è sempre da fare i conti con l’eterna propensione all’”annacamento”. Ogni due passi avanti corrisponde … Continue reading Palermo è una cipolla. Remix

L’unica persona nera nella stanza

Author: Nadeesha Uyangoda Language: Italiano Summary: La razza è un concetto difficile da cogliere, pur non avendo fondamenti biologici produce grossi effetti nei rapporti sociali, professionali e sentimentali. La razza in Italia non si palesa fino a quando tu non sei l’unica persona nera in una stanza di bianchi. E quell’unica persona è Bellamy, Mike, Blessy, David… una moltitudine in parte sommersa, sotterranea. Quell’unica persona … Continue reading L’unica persona nera nella stanza