Bringing up Brits: expat parents raising cross-cultural kids in Britain

Author: Meghan Peterson Fenn

Language: English

Summary: Raising and parenting your children in a different country to the one in which you grew up can be difficult, challenging and often lonely and confusing. This book speaks to those parents and discusses issues such as cultural differences, customs and traditions, identity, British systems and language barriers. At the same time, this book offers an interesting and valuable insight into British culture from several different perspectives. This is THE book for parents from other cultures who are raising children in Britain, and in addition for family or friends who are touched by this. Source:

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Raising global nomads: parenting abroad in an on-demand world

Author: Robin Pascoe

Language: English

Summary: A lot has changed since well-known Canadian author Robin Pascoe wrote Culture Shock! A Parent’s Guide. The world has become globalized, digitalized, and sadly, terrorized. That’s the big picture that Pascoe examines in Raising Global Nomads. In her own life, the author’s day job raising her two children has ended as her daughter begins a career as an environmental activist and her son heads to university. In her fifth book for expatriate families, the author recounts with honesty and trademark humour what worked for her family and shares the hard lessons learned. Parenting styles in general, and of third culture kids in particular, have changed dramatically, prompting this timely and comprehensive reexamination of the challenges of parenting abroad — Source:

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