The Art of Coming Home

Author: Craig Storti

Language: English


Transform the reentry experience from a struggle to an art

Expecting that the home will be the way it was when you left? Are you instead shocked to discover that both you and home have changed? The Art of Coming Home offers the solid advice you need to reduce the stress of making the transition home.
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Burn up or splash down: surviving the culture shock of re-entry

Author: Marion Knell

Language: English

Summary: Just like a space shuttle struggles and strains to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere, so those returning from living overseas can find themselves confused and in a state of panic at coming home. While people anticipate that going overseas will require major changes in their lifestyles and thinking, few anticipate the difficulties they will face upon return. Intended to aid the re-entry process, this encouraging, and insightful book deals with these important subjects: Continue reading “Burn up or splash down: surviving the culture shock of re-entry”

I’m a stranger here myself : notes on returning to America after twenty years away

Author: Bill Bryson

Language: English

Summary: After living in Britain for two decades, Bill Bryson recently moved back to the United States with his English wife and four children (he had read somewhere that nearly 3 million Americans believed they had been abducted by aliens—as he later put it, “it was clear my people needed me”).

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De retour chez soi

Author: Florence Gindre

Language: French

Summary: Parfois, lors d’une expatriation, on finit par s’attacher à son nouveau pays. Comment se passe alors le retour dans son pays d’origine ? Ce livre nous dévoile l’histoire d’une impatriation parsemée de quelques flash-back d’expatriations antérieures. Source:

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Homeward bound: a spouse’s guide to repatriation

Author: Robin Pascoe

Language: English

Summary:  Like the move overseas, the move home relies on a solid and stable person to act as the emotional touchstone in order to help everyone else in the family through re-entry shock. That someone is typically the spouse. Homeward Bound is a repatriation reality check to help spouses create new, meaningful lives when they return from abroad — Source:

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