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The Penguin book of migration literature: departures, arrivals, generations, returns

Author:  Dohra Ahmad, editor; Edwidge Danticat, writer of foreword

Language: English

Summary: [Ahmad’s] “introduction is fiery and charismatic… This book encompasses the diversity of experience, with beautiful variations and stories that bicker back and forth.” –Parul Sehgal, The New York Times

The first global anthology of migration literature featuring works by Mohsin Hamid, Zadie Smith, Marjane Satrapi, Salman Rushdie, and Warsan Shire, with a foreword by Edwidge Danticat, author of Everything Inside
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Eating and reading: stories and recipes inspired by the world’s great books

    Cara Nicoletti is a butcher, a pastry chef and a talented writer. She serves up stories and recipes inspired by beloved books and the food that gives their characters depth and personality. An amazing supper/book club journey that will make you a Voracious reader.   Continue reading Eating and reading: stories and recipes inspired by the world’s great books

Riflessi di Viaggio

Author: AAVV

Language: Italian

Summary: Riflessi di Viaggio è una raccolta di racconti di donne che vivono o hanno vissuto all’estero, e che presenta una parte delle storie ricevute durante il concorso in memoria di Maria Pia Forte, una donna italiana che ha dedicato la sua vita al viaggio, all’incontro con altre culture e alla scrittura. Le dodici storie della raccolta ci portano dalla Cina all’India, dall’Africa alle capitali europee, dal Medio Oriente alla Romania, e ci presentano senza pudore i sentimenti più intimi legati all’incontro con il diverso, e all’adattamento in culture lontane. Alcune di queste storie sono state scritte da professioniste della scrittura, altre semplicemente da donne che amano riversare i loro sentimenti sulla carta, a riprova di quanto la scrittura sia importante in un tipo di vita mobile. I proventi della vendita di questo e-book andranno interamente a finanziare, un portale internazionale e multilingue che da anni assiste donne espatriate di ogni nazionalità in ogni aspetto legato alla vita all’estero — Fonte:

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Travel Reflections

Author: AAVV

Language: English

Summary: Travel reflection is much more than a collection of stories about life abroad, travel and cross-cultural encounters. It captures the emotions and feelings of women for whom cross-border mobility is a way of life. The book is a mosaic of situations that offers a warm and positive vision of life abroad and travel. And it is a wonderful way to honour the memory of Maria Pia Forte, a woman who dedicated her life to travel, encounters with diversity, and writing. Source: book introduction.

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Drinking camel’s milk in the Yurt – Expat stories from Kazakhstan

Author: Monica Neboli

Language: English

Summary: The Republic of Kazakhstan emerged from the former USSR as an independent nation in 1991. It is one of the largest countries in the world and Astana, its capital, is one of the youngest (and coldest) capital cities. In this anthology of expatriate experiences in Kazakhstan, 24 authors from 11 countries show us this Central Asian country as they know it. In Drinking Camel’s Milk in the Yurt, we travel to the country’s bustling, multicultural cities, to its rural homesteads steeped in rich traditions, and to the Kazakh Steppe, the vast open plain that has for centuries been home to a nomadic way of life. During the journey, we come to understand the importance of the yurt, or nomad’s tent, we are privy to a powerful reflection on Soviet-era labour camps, and we witness the build-up to a traditional Kazakh wedding. Continue reading “Drinking camel’s milk in the Yurt – Expat stories from Kazakhstan”

Foreign and far away

Author: Writers Abroad, 2013

Language: English

Summary: A selection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry has flowed from the pens of expats around the world to create this collection on the theme of people and places. Foreign and Far Away, the fourth anthology published by Writers Abroad, explores the relationship between people and the landscapes and settings they live in. An eclectic range of writing evokes the diversities, similarities, connections and misunderstandings of life in foreign places. The result is a volume to delight, intrigue and, above all, entertain. Writers Abroad has chosen Book Aid International to benefit from the proceeds of this anthology. This charity increases access to books and supports literacy, education and development in sub-Saharan Africa. They provided 543,280 new books to over 2,000 libraries in 2012 and have sent more than 30 million books to partner libraries since 1954 — Source:

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