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Always Another Country

Author: Sisonke Msimang

Language: English

Summary: “Brutally and uncompromisingly honest, Sisonke’s beautifully crafted storytelling enriches the already extraordinary pool of young African women writers of our time.” ―Graça Machel, widow of former South African president Nelson Mandela

Born in exile, in Zambia, to a guerrilla father and a working mother, Sisonke Msimang is constantly on the move. Her parents, talented and highly educated, travel from Zambia to Kenya and Canada and beyond with their young family. Always the outsider, and against a backdrop of racism and xenophobia, Sisonke develops her keenly perceptive view of the world. In this sparkling account of a young girl’s path to womanhood, Sisonke interweaves her personal story with her political awakening in America and Africa, her euphoria at returning to the new South Africa, and her disillusionment with the new elites. Confidential and reflective, Always Another Country is a search for belonging and identity: a warm and intimate story that will move many readers.

Sisonke Msimang is one of the most exciting contemporary female black voices in literature. Now based in Perth, Australia, she regularly contributes to publications like The Guardian, the Huffington Post, and the New York Times. She has over 20,000 followers on Twitter @Sisonkemsimang. Her TED Talk,“If a story moves you, act on it,” has been viewed over 1.3 million times. (Goodreads)

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born a crime

Born a crime: Stories from a South African childhood

Author: Trevor Noah

Language: English

Summary: Trevor Noah’s unlikely path from apartheid South Africa to the desk of The Daily Show began with a criminal act: his birth. Trevor was born to a white Swiss father and a black Xhosa mother at a time when such a union was punishable by five years in prison. Living proof of his parents’ indiscretion, Trevor was kept mostly indoors for the earliest years of his life, bound by the extreme and often absurd measures his mother took to hide him from a government that could, at any moment, steal him away. Finally liberated by the end of South Africa’s tyrannical white rule, Trevor and his mother set forth on a grand adventure, living openly and freely and embracing the opportunities won by a centuries-long struggle. – Source:

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African delights

Author: Siphiwo Mahala

Language: English

Summary: A unique literary journey through select critical moments in South African history, this collection of short stories opens in Sophiatown of the 1950s—one of the most definitive periods in South African urban culture—and concludes by exploring the social fabric of contemporary society. Simple yet profound, the stories span generations, demonstrating the painful rhythms of a society in distress in the 1980s through the eyes of a child as well as the transitional period of the 1990s through the life of young man torn between the old and new world, eventually exploring the first decade of South African democracy. Informative and engaging, the narratives examine the interplay of past and present, and prompt a re-examination of the future. Source:

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Un arc-en-ciel dans la nuit

Author: Dominique Lapierre

Language: French

Summary: Persuadés par leur foi calviniste que Dieu les a élus pour régner sur le monde, les premiers colons hollandais vont affronter les tribus noires, les chercheurs d’or et de diamants, les régiments à tunique rouge de la reine Victoria. Une saga féroce, tumultueuse, héroïque, qui débouchera trois siècles plus tard sur l’une des plus grandes tragédies de l’Histoire: l’instauration par un petit peuple de quatre millions de Blancs d’un régime raciste qui fera des centaines de milliers de victimes noires. Ce sera l’apartheid, une hideuse dictature à laquelle mettra fin, après 27 ans de prison, un géant de notre temps, Nelson Mandela — Source:

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To my children’s children

Author: Sindiwe Magona

Language: English

Summary: This powerful and widely acclaimed autobiography of Sindiwe Magona’s early years in South Africa, announced the arrival of a major new black writer. Here she gives an account of her eventful first 23 years and tells a candid, unself-pitying story of triumph and endurance in the face of hardships relentlessly reinforced by the apartheid system — Source:

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Mandela’s ego

Author: Lewis Nkosi

Language: English

Summary: A young Zulu boy named Dumisani grows up in awe of the legendary figure of Nelson Mandela. He thinks of Mandela not only as a great leader of the oppressed, but also as a great seducer of women, and it is in this aspect that he decides to emulate Mandela. A woman he has been pursuing for a long time yields to his advances the day the Black Pimpernel is captured. But Mandela’s imprisonment renders Dumisani impotent for 27 years…– Source:

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