Human Library 2022 – Books in English

Join us from October 21st to October 23rd – 3 days packed full of interesting stories from all over the world. Listen to a story, or 5, or all of them! Find out more about this year’s Human Library by Expatclic. Here an overview of the stories that will be told in English. Looking forward to having you join us! How to participate? We ask … Continue reading Human Library 2022 – Books in English

Libreria Umana 2022 – Libri in Italiano

Ti invitiamo a partecipare alla Libreria Umana di Expatclic, dal 21 al 23 Ottobre. Tre giorni pieni di storie da tutto il mondo. Ascolta 1 storia, o 5, o tutte e 30! Segui questo link per saperne di piu sulla Libreria Umana di Expatclic. Qui trovi una raccolta delle storie che verranno raccontate in Italiano. Come si partecipa? Chiediamo una donazione minima di 10 euro per accedere … Continue reading Libreria Umana 2022 – Libri in Italiano

Expatclic’s Human Library 2022

To celebrate Expatclic’s 18th birthday, we invited 30 “Human Books” to tell their stories. Join us from October 21st to October 23rd to listen to wonderful stories from around the world. A minimum donation of 10€ is required to participate. This will give you access to all the books live during our event. You can choose to listen to 1, or to all 30! Read … Continue reading Expatclic’s Human Library 2022

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#LivingTheDream: Expat life stripped bare

Author: Carrie Frais Language: English Summary: Grief, loneliness, Brexit, motherhood, identity, belonging, single parenthood, rootlessness, drinking culture and integration are just some of the issues tackled in a series of powerful stories written by ten women on the challenges of expat life. In one of the first books of its kind, these women reveal some of the emotional upheavals and struggles that go hand-in-hand with … Continue reading #LivingTheDream: Expat life stripped bare

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Extraordinary Experiences: tales of special needs abroad

Author: Kathi M Silva

Language: English

Summary: Experiencing another culture is meant to be fun, adventurous and mind-opening. But what happens when you mix the joys of living or traveling abroad with the struggles of having a physical, intellectual, medical or other special need? Join our authors as they share their adventures abroad with unique challenges. This is not a “how-to” book, but a book of real-life stories, where you will find inspiration, guidance and insights from ordinary people who have made extraordinary adjustments to their experiences far from home (

Continue reading “Extraordinary Experiences: tales of special needs abroad”

Go Back to Where You Came From: And Other Helpful Recommendations on How to Become American

Author: Wajahat Ali

Language: English

Summary: “Go back to where you came from, you terrorist!”

This is just one of the many warm, lovely, and helpful tips that Wajahat Ali and other children of immigrants receive on a daily basis. Go back where, exactly? Fremont, California, where he grew up, but is now an unaffordable place to live? Or Pakistan, the country his parents left behind a half-century ago? Continue reading “Go Back to Where You Came From: And Other Helpful Recommendations on How to Become American”