Mondi al limite. Nove scrittori per Medici senza frontiere

Author: Alessandro Baricco, Stefano Benni, Gianrico Carofiglio, Mauro Covacich, Sandrone Dazieri, Silvia Di Natale, Paolo Giordano, Antonio Pascale, Domenico Starnone

Language: Italian


Nove scrittori italiani (Alessandro Baricco, Stefano Benni, Gianrico Carofiglio, Mauro Covacich, Sandrone Dazieri, Silvia Di Natale, Paolo Giordano, Antonio Pascale, Domenico Starnone) raccontano la realtà di alcune aree, in cui MSF opera.

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We are here to stay

Author: Susan Kuklin Language: English Summary: “Maybe next time they hear someone railing about how terrible immigrants are, they’ll think about me. I’m a real person.”  Meet nine courageous young adults who have lived in the United States with a secret for much of their lives: they are not U.S. citizens. They came from Colombia, Mexico, Ghana, Independent Samoa, and Korea. They came seeking education, … Continue reading We are here to stay

The Kurdish Bike

Author: Alesa Lightbourne

Language: English

Summary: Inspired by the incredible true story of an American teacher in northern Iraq, The Kurdish Bike is a gripping, compassionate and often wry tale of adventure set in one of the world’s least understood cultures.

It is 2010, and Theresa Turner responds to an online ad for “courageous teachers to help rebuild a war-torn country.” Landing in a repressive school for Kurd elites, she yearns to experience the “real” Kurdistan, buys a bicycle, and explores the nearby villages and countryside.

When she is befriended by a local widow, Theresa is embroiled in the joys and agonies of traditional Kurds, especially the women who survived Saddam’s genocide only to be crippled by age-old restrictions, female genital mutilation (FGM), brutality and honor killings. She experiences a female bonding that transcends cultures, and a generosity that staggers the imagination. Theresa’s greatest challenge will be balancing respect for local values while trying to introduce more enlightened attitudes toward women — at the same time seeking new spiritual dimensions within herself.

The Kurdish Bike is a novel of love, betrayal and redemption. Well-developed characters face life-and-death decisions, and are not always who they seem. Unexpected changes back home have devastating impacts on the expatriates. And it is impossible to determine who is a genuine ally in such a foreign setting. Add to this the main character’s desire for inner transformation, and you have a must-read page turner that haunts the reader for months. It is the winner of the Gold Medal for Best Regional eBook from Independent Publishers, and First Prize in the North Street Book Awards.

The Kurdish Bike is highly recommended for book clubs. The author gives frequent presentations on Kurdish culture to clubs, public libraries, universities, churches, community service groups, etc. and will speak to groups via Skype upon request. She is a passionate supporter of women’s causes in rural Kurdistan, and is committed to helping the women described in the book create a better life for themselves.Source:

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circling the sun

Circling the sun

Author: Paula McLain

Language: English

Summary: Set in 1920s colonial Kenya, Circling the Sun is about an unforgettable woman who lives by nobody’s rules but her own. She was a daughter of Edwardian England, transplanted to Kenya as a young girl by parents who dreamed of life on an African farm. But by the time Beryl Markham was sixteen, that dream had fallen apart. Catapulted into a disastrous marriage, she emerged from its wreckage with one idea: to take charge of her own destiny.  – Source: ExpatNest

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steven roberts

From Every end of this earth: 13 families and the new lives they made in America

Author: Steven V. Roberts

Language: English

SummaryNew York Times bestselling author Steven V. Roberts follows the stories of thirteen immigrant families in From Every End of This Earth, a poignant and eye-opening look at immigration in America today. He captures the voices of those living the promise of a new land—and the difficulties of starting over among strangers whose suspicions increasingly outweigh their open-armed acceptance. As the political debate rages on, Roberts sheds light on the enormous contributions immigrants continue to make to the fabric and future of America. – Source:

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