Flâneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice, and London

Author: Lauren Elkin Language: English Summary: Part cultural meander, part memoir, Flâneuse takes us on a distinctly cosmopolitan jaunt that begins in New York, where Elkin grew up, and transports us to Paris via Venice, Tokyo, and London, all cities in which she’s lived. We are shown the paths beaten by such flâneuses as the cross-dressing nineteenth-century novelist George Sand, the Parisian artist Sophie Calle, … Continue reading Flâneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice, and London

Walking: One Step At a Time

Author: Erling Kagge

Language: English

Summary: Placing one foot in front of the other, the journey of discovery, and the joy of exploration, are intrinsic to our nature. Our ancestors travelled long distance on foot, gained new experiences, and learned from them, but as universal as walking is, each of us will experience it differently. For Kagge, walking is the gateway to the questions that fascinate him–“Why do I walk?”, “Where do I walk from?”, and “What is my destination?”–questions which he invites each of us to investigate. Language reflects the idea that life is one single walk, the word “journey” comes from the distance we travel in the course of a day. Walking for Kagge is the natural accompaniment to science–the occasion for the unspoken dialogue of thinking. Walking is the antidote to the speed at which we conduct our lives–our insistence on rushing, on doing everything in a precipitous manner. Source: amazon.com

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Passeggiata: Strolling through Italy

Author: G. G. Husak

Language: English

Summary: Ms. Husak’s memoir of travels to Italy with her husband will appeal to those who love travel in general and Italy in particular. Their journeys are both personal and universal. From their first shared trip to Italy in 1993, which marked the first of their empty nest years, their annual passeggiata reflects the shift in their lives through the next decade.

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