When in Vanuatu

Author: Nicki Chen

Language: English

Summary: When Diana quit her job and followed her husband to Manila, she believed the move would work for both of them: Jay would finally have his dream job, and she would take time off from her accounting career to start a family.

Four years later, however, she’s still not pregnant. Her fertility doctor advises her to relax―an undertaking that is easier said than done in one of the noisiest, most crowded cities in the world. Nevertheless, Diana tries. She takes up yoga and meditation. She buys goldfish. Then one day, while Jay is away on business, a violent coup d’etat erupts. The rebels bomb the presidential palace and occupy parts of the city.

Clearly, Diana decides, something needs to change. Determined to have a baby while she’s still young enough, she convinces Jay to transfer to the small South Pacific nation of Vanuatu, said to be “the most relaxing place on earth.” It isn’t long before she realizes that the island’s tropical beauty hides dangers and disappointments that will test her courage, her marriage, and her ability to open herself up to new possibilities.

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A Life in Music

Author: Daniel Barenboim

Language: English

Summary: A Life in Music reviews five decades of the rich and uniquely varied musical life of Daniel Barenboim. A child prodigy as a pianist and a virtuoso conductor of symphonies and opera, he has known and worked with many of the most distinguished and exciting musicians of the 20th century, not least his own wife Jacqueline du Pré. With memories of music heard and performed, and thoughtful examinations of global influences and professional inspiration, A Life in Music offers a profound window to the mind of one of the twentieth century’s greatest musicians. Continue reading “A Life in Music”

Il té letterario di Expatclic del 27 novembre 2020

Oggi abbiamo parlato di Libri&Espatrio. Prima, però, abbiamo ospitato Marco Tamanti di Pallone al Femminile, che ci ha presentato i suoi quattro libri preferiti sul calcio femminile. Eccoli: Giocare con le tette, Anonimo, a cura di Milena Bartolini La prima punta, Carolina Morace Fuori dagli schemi, Carolina Morace Un branco di lupe, Abby Wambach Grazie di cuore a Marco che ci ha spiegato in dettaglio … Continue reading Il té letterario di Expatclic del 27 novembre 2020

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The Jazz Exiles: American Musicians Abroad

Author: Bill Moody

Language: English

Summary: The Jazz Exiles chronicles the expatriate movement of American jazz musicians during the post-World War II era. While the term exile normally conjures up images of ousted Third World leaders or deposed kings, it is as much a part of the jazz vocabulary as improvisation or Birdland.

Like the American writers of the 1920s who went to Europe and became Gertrude Stein’s “lost generation, ” jazz musicians from the United States also made the Atlantic crossing at a steadily increasing rate until many of the major names in jazz lived or worked almost exclusively abroad. Continue reading “The Jazz Exiles: American Musicians Abroad”

Link e suggerimenti per l’Italia e altrove – dicembre 2020

Con questa rubrica mensile, Federica, cara amica del té letterario di Expatclic, ci offre una panoramica interessantissima di link e di suggerimenti di quello che succede in Italia, ma non solo, per quanto riguarda l’offerta culturale. Grazie Federica! Parto da questa recente scoperta, ‘Il Festival del Classico’, i cui contenuti sono fruibili in modalità online https://festivaldelclassico.it/programma-2020/ Comincia domani, 3 dicembre, il Pisa Book Festival, fino al … Continue reading Link e suggerimenti per l’Italia e altrove – dicembre 2020


The Gringo Champion

Author: Aura Xilonen

Language: English

Summary: The award-winning debut novel by young Mexican author Aura Xilonen, The Gringo Champion is a thrillingly inventive story about crossing borders that the Los Angeles Review of Books called “one of the must-read books of 2017.”

Liborio has to leave Mexico, a land that has taught him little more than a keen instinct for survival. He crosses the Rio Bravo, like so many others, to reach “the promised land.” And in a barrio like any other, in some gringo city, this illegal immigrant tells his story.

As Liborio narrates his memories we discover a childhood scarred by malnutrition and abandonment, adolescence lived with a sense of having nothing to lose. In his new home, he finds a job at a bookstore. He falls in love with a woman so intensely that his fantasies of her verge on obsession. And, finally, he finds himself on a path that just might save him: he becomes a boxer.

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