Il té letterario di Expatclic del 9 ottobre 2020

Oggi abbiamo parlato di Libri che parlano di case. Ormai siamo disperate. Ogni volta che finiamo questi incontri, la nostra lista di libri da leggere si allunga inesorabilmente… Anche questa volta di letture interessanti intorno al tema scelto, ne sono state citate tantissime…partiamo! The Yellow House di Sarah M. Broom prende la casa d’infanzia dell’autrice come punto di partenza per raccontare le vicende della sua … Continue reading Il té letterario di Expatclic del 9 ottobre 2020

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Mother Land

Author: Leah Franqui

Language: English

Summary: When Rachel Meyer, a thirtysomething foodie from New York, agrees to move to Mumbai with her Indian-born husband, Dhruv, she knows some culture shock is inevitable. Blessed with a curious mind and an independent spirit, Rachel is determined to learn her way around the hot, noisy, seemingly infinite metropolis she now calls home. 

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Story Boat

Author: Kyo MacLear and Rashin Kheiriyeh

Language: English

Summary: When you have to leave behind almost everything you know, where can you call home? Sometimes home is simply where we are: here. A imaginative, lyrical, unforgettable picture book about the migrant experience through a child’s eyes.
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Growing up African in Australia

Author: Edited by Maxine Beneba Clarke, Magan Magan, Ahmed Yussuf

Language: English

Summary: ‘I was born in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.’
‘My dad was a freedom fighter, waging war for an independent state: South Sudan.’
‘We lived in a small country town, in the deep south of Western Australia.’
‘I never knew black people could be Muslim until I met my North African friends.’
‘My mum and my dad courted illegally under the Apartheid regime.’
‘My first impression of Australia was a housing commission in the north of Tasmania.’
‘Somalis use this term, “Dhaqan Celis”. “Dhaqan” means culture and “Celis” means return.’ Continue reading “Growing up African in Australia”

Il té letterario di Expatclic del 25 settembre 2020

Oggi abbiamo parlato di letteratura afroamericana. E’ stato interessantissimo.   Da dove cominciare? La discussione è stata coinvolgente, e i consigli sono arrivati abbondantissimi! Partiamo con Toni Morrison, indiscussa voce della letteratura afroamericana e vincitrice del Premio Nobel per la letteratura. In molte stanno leggendo il suo Amatissima, considerato all’unanimità il suo capolavoro – ne parleremo meglio quando  la lettura sarà conclusa. Insieme a Toni, … Continue reading Il té letterario di Expatclic del 25 settembre 2020

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Author:  Paul Fleischman, Judy Pedersen (Illustrations)

Language: English

Summary: A Vietnamese girl plants six lima beans in a Cleveland vacant lot. Looking down on the immigrant-filled neighborhood, a Romanian woman watches suspiciously. A school janitor gets involved, then a Guatemalan family. Then muscle-bound Curtis, trying to win back Lateesha. Pregnant Maricela. Amir from India. A sense of community sprouts and spreads.
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