Author: Expatriates everywhere

Language: English

Summary: Everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine, but Forced to Fly is more than a collection of funny stories about seeing the funny side of the day-to-day blunders we all make. It is packed with stories that resonate with anyone who has lived abroad. Its opening chapters, written by experts, counsellors and real-life expats who have struggled with culture shock, will provide support and advice to guide you through any dark patches. This second edition is enriched with a chapter on emotional resilience in addition to more than 20 new stories for you to enjoy from new writers such as Jack Scott, whose memoir, Perking the Pansies, is currently long-listed for the Polari First Book prize and the hilarious Debbie Fletcher, author of Bitten by Spain – source: Summertime Publishing


  • Also available as an eBook
  • Editor: Jo Parfitt

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