mary ann simians

Memories of an African sun

Author: Mary Ann Simkins

Language: English

Summary: Eight-year-old Mary Ann Simkins was about to embark on a new life in a faraway place. Traveling far from her familiar home, she was on a journey to a life of adventure through the wild bush of Africa, where she would stand face-to-face with a rhinoceros and run as fast as she could from a troop of baboons.

An adventure that would also eventually lead her to experience the vibrancy of life and culture in the tropics of West Africa and the exhilaration of life near the ocean. Though apprehension had loomed when she left her native land, it soon melted when she arrived in old Rhodesia with her missionary parents and found instant bonds with the generous and loving African people, as well as the missionaries on the outpost station.

She found herself falling in love, not just with them, but with the wild, expansive and untamed land to which she had come. Follow one girl’s journey to a new world, and yet a very old one. Filled with thought-provoking and inspiring narratives, Memories of an African Sun honors the great peoples of the African continent and shares their hope for a bright future. – Source:


  • Available as an e-Book

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