Holy Land, unholy war: Israelis and Palestinians

Author: Anton La Guardia

Language: English

Summary: Writing dispassionately about the Holy Land, said Mark Twain, is as hard as being dispassionate about your own wife or children. Today, more than a century after Twain led the way for mass tourism to what was then a remote corner of the Ottoman Empire the difficulties are redoubled. “The modern struggles of the Israelis and Palestinians – with their larger-than-life stories of disaster and redemption – command the obsessive attention and passion of sympathizers around the world.”

“The 1993 Oslo accords promised to end more than a century of conflict between Jews and Arabs, but the Palestinian uprising that began in October 2000 has raised fears that the fighting could destabilize the whole region.” “With the experienced journalist’s eye for the telling detail and anecdote, Anton La Guardia offers an intimate portrait of the people behind the headlines.”–Source: trove.nla.gov.au

Link: Find it on Amazon


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